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Vintage Lightroom Presets

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Welcome to my custom Craig Howes lightroom vintage presets for Adobe. As a travel and lifestyle photographer, I've shot various landscapes, people and activities. One of the most challenging things I've had to deal with as a photographer is Creating a consistent Style for my photography and maintaining a beautiful Instagram aesthetic. Over the years I began developing a variety of presets, a cinematic filter if you will, that works for almost every photography scenario, from deserts to oceans, cities to mountains, and people to wildlife.

Adventure Lifestyle Vintage Lightroom Presets

All the edits in this article have been done with my Vintage Preset Collection, which is available for purchase. The collection has 12 vintages presets to give a variety of editing options for different landscape and lighting scenarios.

What are Vintage Lightroom Presets?

Vintage Lightroom presets are an easy way to give your images a beautiful old film feel. Ideally a vintage preset will emulate a film camera and old film.

Each Preset will be slightly different, however, the main characteristics of the vintage preset will be:

  • Grainy feel

  • Soft Tones

  • Elegant unsaturated vibrance

  • Slight colour offsets

  • Slight colour offsets

  • Undertones in the shadows.

You want your vintage presets to add a bit of mood and nostalgia.

I dont want my presets to be good, I want them to be the best. Its my mission to create a product that adds a lot of value to the people that buy them. Thanks for your support!

Here is a link to my complete Lightroom preset pack

Dark Moody Vintage Lightroom Preset

Looking at the image below, you can see how this Moody Vintage preset fades the blacks in the shadows. Greens and blues are rich and subtle with brown undertones.

This is one of my favourite presets.

The image below is taken in the Italian Dolomites in Italy at Sunrise at Lake Pragser Wildsee

The Warm Pastel Pink Vintage Lightroom Preset

This is an excellent Golden hour Vintage Preset for Lightroom. This preset has been designed to bring out the Soft Orange and Pink tones of Golden Hour. At the same time, maintaining the rich greens, yellows and oranges in the shadows. This is a great influencer preset.

This is a great preset for Fashion Influencers or Travel Photographers.

The Image was taken at sunset on an Island in Greece.

Moody Green Vintage Lightroom Preset

Now and then you get to a completely green landscape. These rich green tones are normally combined with browns, Greys, blacks and whites. I developed this preset to add a rich moody feel to greens while handling the browns, whites and blacks. This is a great way how to picture look vintage.

This preset works great for Green Grass, Forrests, Jungles and Waterfalls.

This image was taken at Saksun (A small village) in the Faroe Islands

Summer Lightroom Preset

This preset was developed to give a warm brown feel to skin tones while maintaining the cool blues in the background. I like to think of this as my Grain Film Retro preset. This is one of my best lightroom portrait presets.

This image was taken of Sam Potter (@captainpotter) on a sailboat in Indonesia.

Vintage Fall Lightroom Preset

Fall (Autumn) is one of my favourite times of the year to photograph. I love the soft blow light in contrast to the deep, yellows, oranges and browns. With Fall presets you want to maintain the soft blues, turn the browns golden-brown, and extract the natural oranges, yellows and red. With a Fall filter, you generally want to tweak the greens to a bit darker and shift the HSL curves to favour yellows and oranges, while maintaining any of the light pinks. This preset has a slight orange and teal tone to it.

The Image below was taken in Franschhoek, South Africa, on the beautiful Mont Rochelle hike.

Vibrant Golden Hour Preset

Golden hour is sacred to photographers. Everything looks so beautiful in soft golden light. With very few shadows this is the perfect time to photograph. In this preset filter pack, there is a variety of presets that deal with golden light. Some are designed for straight into the light shooting while others work better for shots that shoot with the light.

This Drone image was taken of the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Golden Brown Aesthetic.

This is a great filter for daytime shooting. Especially when there are lots of blues, teals and browns. This filter is designed to extract the blues while bringing out the vibrance in the browns. This preset emulates a film orange and teal preset. This will give your images a yellowish tint of old photos.

This photo was taken on Paddar Island Indonesia.

Nature Lightroom Presets

I love creating moody images with lightroom. It helps if the image has a moody feel to it already.

This filter is great if you want to give your images a Dark Vintage Aesthetic.

For the full range of moody presets that I have created see the link below.

Beachy Lightroom Presets (Summer)

Summer presets should give a real sense of warmth while maintaining the blues. You want summer images to be vibrant in certain colours and reduced in other colours.

This is one of my favourite summer presets and will give your images a Retro Filter, it also works great at the beach and gives images a real beachy feel.

This image was taken of the Fiordo di Furore bridge, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Notes from Craig Howes

  • I use these presets.

  • I've tried to keep the presets as natural as possible, however, the presets are fully customisable.

  • Most of these presets will work in almost all scenarios, that said the main sliders you should play with to get the most out of these presets are, the exposure slider, white balance slider, highlights and shadows.

  • If you buy these presets and are not happy I will refund your money.

  • If there is a specific picture that these presets don't work on, I will customise one of the presets for you.

  • I aim to produce incredible presets and have everyone who buys them feel happy that they did.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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