Adobe Lightroom Presets

Lightroom Presets.png

Welcome to my Custom-made Lightroom Presets. If any of you have followed me for a while on Instagram you will know how I love to shoot everything from big landscapes to portraits, hotels and wildlife (the list could go on). It was a real challenge in the past to maintain that "Instagram aesthetic". You know what I mean. That's really why I developed these presets, for myself and to solve my problem. Which it did. I use these presets as a base for 99% of my edits, and when I don't, I make a new preset.


When I started learning to edit in lightroom, I bought presets from some of my favourite photographers, like @aaronbhall (Aaron Brimhall), @Moners (Patrick Monatsberger) @doyoutravel (Jack Morris) I never wanted to admit it. But the truth is, buying those presets showed me how different people edit their images. As a self-taught photographer, I learned how to edit by studying other people's presets.

So that's my hope for these presets, not only that they edit your pictures beautifully, but that you can see how I get some of my tones, and how I use RGB tone curves to colour my edits.

Also, by Buying a Preset You Will Be Invited to Join, My Photography community, which is a think-tank and place of learning and sharing.


All the presets Below are custom-made by ME  @CraigHowes, Thx for stopping in!