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Adobe Lightroom Presets

Lightroom Presets.png

Welcome to my Custom-made Lightroom Presets. If any of you have followed me for a while on Instagram you will know how I love to shoot everything from big landscapes to portraits, hotels and wildlife (the list could go on). It was a real challenge in the past to maintain that "Instagram aesthetic". You know what I mean. That's really why I developed these presets, for myself and to solve my problem. Which it did. I use these presets as a base for 99% of my edits, and when I don't, I make a new preset.

Vintage Lightroom Presets

Craig Howes Vintage  Presets Lightroom

The Craig Howes Vintage Lightroom Preset will transform your image, giving it a beautiful retro film feel to it, with a touch of grain and slight fade. These presets are great for lifestyle and travel photography.

Moody Lightroom Presets

Create unique moody and dark images that bring your images to life in 1 simple click. Great for landscapes, wildlife, night photography, and street photography.

Beach Lightroom Presets.jpg

Get those beachy Tones! Transform your beach pictures in 1 simple click with the Craig Howes Lightroom Presets for the Beach.

Extract those beautiful blues, greens and browns for a tropical feel.

When I started learning to edit in lightroom, I bought presets from some of my favourite photographers, like @aaronbhall (Aaron Brimhall), @Moners (Patrick Monatsberger) @doyoutravel (Jack Morris) I never wanted to admit it. But the truth is, buying those presets showed me how different people edit their images. As a self-taught photographer, I learned how to edit by studying other people's presets.

So that's my hope for these presets, not only that they edit your pictures beautifully, but that you can see how I get some of my tones, and how I use RGB tone curves to colour my edits.

Also, by Buying a Preset You Will Be Invited to Join, My Photography community, which is a think-tank and place of learning and sharing.


All the presets Below are custom-made by ME  @CraigHowes, Thx for stopping in!

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