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Lightroom Beach Presets

Welcome to my custom Craig Howes lightroom presets for the beach! If you are looking to edit beach photos you've come to the right place! This preset pack has 13 unique Lightroom Presets made specifically to edit beach photos. These presets have been developed to handle a variety of lighting and colour palates. Everything from Blues to Golden Hour shots.

Lightroom Presets Beach

All of the edits in this article have been done with my Beach Preset Collection, which is available for purchase. The collection has 13 Beach presets to give a variety of editing options for different landscape and lighting scenarios.

What are Beach Lightroom Presets?

Beach lightroom presets are essentially filters that can be applied in Adobe Lightroom with preset treatments of colour, tones and vibrance.

Each Preset will be slightly different, however, the main characteristics of the Beach presets will be:

  • Grainy feel

  • Summer feel to images

  • Soft Tones

  • Vibrance

  • Slight colour offsets

  • Slight colour offsets

  • Undertones in the shadows.

Beach presets generally work with tones you will find at the beach, Whites, Blues, Greens and Oranges.

I dont want my presets to be good, I want them to be the best. Its my mission to create a product that adds a lot of value to the people that buy them. Thanks for your support!

Here is a link to my complete Lightroom preset pack that includes (Beach, Vintage and Moody Preset Packs)

Sunset Preset Lightroom

Every photographer loves a beautiful golden hour shot at the beach.

Looking at the image below, you can see how the sunset preset for lightroom brings out the natural vibrance of the clouds and pink golden light, all this while maintaining the blues and teals of the ocean.

The image below is taken in Cape Town, South Africa of the 12 Apostles and Camps Bay at sunset.

Lightroom Presets Beach

We often take images at the beach during the day. I've developed this beachy preset to handle the blues, greens and whites. Looking at the blues I love creating that pastal dark baby blue in the sky. The Greens have shifted slightly to orange/ brown which for me really works well with the blues.

The Image was taken during the day in the Seychelles.

Ocean Lightroom Preset

This preset has been developed especially for a beautiful blue and turquoise ocean. It brings out the vibrance and saturation of the water to give you a real exotic summer feel.

This image was shot with a DJI Mavic 2 Drone in Seychelles while planning the Bucketlust Seychelles Route (A Yacht Week)

Beachy Lightroom Presets

This preset was developed to bring out the natural saturation of blues and greens while maintaining beautiful tones. This is a great preset for travel bloggers and Instagrammers.

This image was shot in the Seychelles Island.

The Beach Influencer Lightroom Preset

Much like the other beachy presets this preset brings out the natural browns in skin tones. It's great for contrasting Skin with ocean blues and tropical greens. I've added in a vintage grainy feel to it too.

Sunset Presets for Lightroom (Drone)

Golden hour is sacred to photographers. Everything looks so beautiful in soft golden light. With very few shadows this is the perfect time to photograph. In this preset filter pack, there is a variety of presets that deal with golden light. Some are designed straight into the light shooting while others work better for shots that shoot with the light.

This Drone image was taken of the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Warm Summer Preset

When you are shooting directly into the sun at sunset, this preset has a warm feel. I really wanted to emphasise the warm rays of the sun on the model. Greens are slightly shifted to yellows and oranges. This preset has a slight HDR feel about it. Shooting on a camera with a high dynamic range will bring the most out of this preset. This Image was shot on a Sony A7riii

Vintage Film Presets For Lightroom

I love creating a film feel for my images with Lightroom. Especially when it comes to summer shots with a lot of golden browns and blue skies. Slightly altering the colours will give your image that retro feel you are after

See the link below for the full range of Vintage film presets I have created.

Underwater GoPro Lightroom Presets (Summer)

This preset was designed for underwater GoPro or Action Camera shots.

Natural Landscape Lightroom Presets (Cape Town)

This preset filter was inspired by Cape Town and its natural beauty. It gives a retro feel to big landscapes while maintaining the beautiful natural vibrance of the image.

Image of Camps Bay and the 12 Apostles, in Cape Town South Africa.

Retro Film Lightroom Presets

This image was shot on a Greek island while on a trip with Bucketlust. Bucketlust is a flotilla event in the greek Isles, which is basically the best yacht week you can do! I highly recommend it! This preset brings out the natural yellows and turns the browns golden to give your Mediterranean pictures that perfect vintage style.

HDR Beach Lightroom Preset

This image is a single image, but it simulates an HDR edit it brings out the shadows while saving the highlights. This is a great preset for midday beach photos, especially if there is a sharp contrast between highlights and shadows

Ocean Presets Lightroom

For those big blue ocean shots and edits.

Pink Lightroom Sunset Presets (Golden Hour)

Every so often Nature throws one of these spectacular Pink and Purple Sunsets or Sunrises. I developed this preset to get the most out of the pinks while keeping the edit looking natural.

Image shot at Chapmans Peak Drive in Cape Town, South Africa

Brown and Teal Beach Lightroom Presets

This preset was designed to handle blues and teals while giving the shadows a beautiful brown undertone. I love the grain in this preset. This image was shot in the Seychelles.

Moody Blues Lightroom Presets

This preset is for those overcast beach days, looking at the picture below you can see it is overcast with little sun. I increased the blacks and brought out the richness of the colours in the shadows.

12 Moody Lightroom Presets Pack

Presetlove Beach Preset

For the love of beach presets. Every now and then you get an ocean that looks like this. This preset gets the most out these blues without making the image feel too saturated

Notes from Craig Howes

  • I personally use these presets.

  • I've tried to keep the presets as natural as possible, however, the presets are fully customisable.

  • Most of these presets will work in almost all scenarios, that said the main sliders you should play with to get the most out of these presets are, the exposure slider, white balance slider, highlights and shadows.

  • If you buy these presets and are not happy I will refund your money.

  • Presets work best with Raw Images, however, they will still work with Jpegs

  • If there is a specific picture that these presets don't work on, I will customise one of the presets for you.

  • I aim to produce incredible presets and have everyone who buys them feel happy that they did.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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